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Casting for Club Foot

Club Foot Pictures


Updated February 10, 2010

Casting for Club Foot

Casting for Club Foot

Vincent Iannelli, MD
A two month old infant with a bilateral clubfoot deformity who is being treated with casting.

Using the Ponseti method, the club foot is manipulated or stretched every 5 to 7 days and the plaster casts are changed.

This baby is on one of his last treatments for his clubfeet and will then wear a brace for a few years.

The alternatve to serial casting is a specialized physical therapy treatment program, in which the child undergoes daily stretching and taping of the club foot by a physical therapist, and eventually, by the parent at home.

When non-surgical treatments with casting and taping don't work, surgery is sometimes necesary to correct the club foot deformity.

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