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Updated January 29, 2006

Club foot is a common disorder in which one or both of a baby's feet are turned inward and downward and can't easily be moved into a normal position. It is much more common for a baby to have a foot turned inward due to positioning, but these feet are very flexible and can easily be straightened with gentle manipulation. Newborns with a club foot are often treated with bracing, physical therapy, casting, and/or surgery.
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Newborn with Club FootNewborn with Club FootA Newborn Baby with a ClubfootBaby With ClubfootBaby with ClubfeetBaby with ClubfeetClub Foot Casting TreatmentClub Foot Casting Treatment
Casting for Club FootCasting for Club FootClubfoot Treatment 'After' PhotoClubfoot Treatment 'After' PhotoBracing Bar for ClubfootBracing Bar for Clubfoot

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