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Developmental Milestones

Developmental Milestones


Updated July 21, 2007

Parents often look forward to when their infant, toddler, or other young child to reaches their developmental milestones, such as smiling, rolling over, sitting up, taking his first steps, counting to ten, and tying his shoes, etc.

Review photos of common developmental milestones and the ages at which children normally reach them, both so that you can recognize when your child's development is delayed and you know when he is right on track.

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A Toddler Walking Up StepsA Toddler Walking Up StepsA Toddler Reading a Book and Pointing to PicturesPointing to PicturesA Toddler Eating with a Spoon.Eating with a Spoon and ForkRiding a TricycleRiding a Tricycle
A Preschooler Counting 'Little Piggies'CountingA Child Writing His LettersWriting LettersA Toddler Making a Tower of BlocksMaking a Tower of BlocksA Child Dressing HimselfA Child Dressing Himself
A Child Getting His Shoes TiedTying Shoes

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