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From newborns to teens, parents often have questions and wonder if their children are developing normally. These articles and sites will provide information on your child's growth and development.
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Developmental Milestones
A photo gallery of the common developmental milestones that parents look for their infants, toddlers, and other young children to reach, such as smiling, rolling over, sitting up, taking his first steps, counting to ten, and tying his shoes, etc.

Child Development Quiz
Do you understand your child's development? Take our Child Development Quiz to test if you have a good understanding of whether or not your child is growing and developing normally.

Developmental Milestones Quiz
Take a quiz about common developmental milestones and the ages at which children normally reach them, both so that you can recognize when your child's development is delayed and you know when he is right on track.

Developmental Delays and Early Childhood Intervention
Learn what to do when you are concerned about your child's development or if you think that they have a developmental delay.

Developmental Milestones of Younger Children
Review the child development of younger infants, toddlers and preschool age children, including their physcial, mental and social developmental milestones.

Baby Birth Weight Statistics
Was your baby born too big, too small, or just right? Check the average birth weight of other babies and other baby birth weight statistics to see how your newborn compares on the growth charts.

Making and Keeping Friends
Making friends is an important social skill for kids. Learn what to do if your child doesn't have a best friend or has a lot of problems making and keeping friends.

Autism Screening Quiz
Does your child have any signs or symptoms of autism? Try our autism screening quiz to find out if your child needs further evaluation for autism or other communication disorder.

Growth Charts
With the availability of growth charts on the internet, many parents have begun using them at home too. Learn how to understand and read a growth chart to see how well your child is growing.

Strabismus and Developmental Delays
Review what could cause developmental delays in a child who also has strabismus.

Understanding Growth Charts
Growth charts are an important way to monitor your child's growth. This guide should provide you with all of the information you need to use the growth charts to follow how well your child is growing.

The Short Child
Parents and children, especially tweens and teenagers, often worry when they notice that they are shorter than many of their peers and classmates of the same age. Learn what you can do to help your short child, including how to figure out if he has normal short stature or if he might need growth hormone to boost his growth.

Growth Hormone To Make Kids Taller
Review whether a normally growing child should take growth hormone to make him even taller.

Temperament and a Shy Child
Review what to do about a child who is very shy, cautious, apprehensive to try new things, and moves at a very slow pace.

Kids Growth Chart Percentiles Calculator
These percentile calculators can help you see where your kids are on the growth charts and how they are growing compared to other children.

Childrens Growth Charts
Growth charts are an important tool for monitoring your childrens growth and development and can help you to keep track of how well your kids are growing. View or download the latest growth charts.

Milestones of Language Development
Review these milestones of hearing, understanding and talking to see if your infant, toddler or preschool age child is delayed in his language development.

Gesell Figures and Child Development
Parents often wonder how their kids are growing, either worried that they are behind or curious if they are ahead. Gesell figures are shapes that your kids can draw and which can help you assess their development and how they compare to other kids.

Normal Growth of Young Children
How do I know if my child is growing normally? Regular measurements of your child's height, weight and head circumference and plotting them on a growth chart are a good way to see if your child is growing normally.

Child Development (Ages 5-12)
Information about the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of elementary age children.

Short Children
My son is 11 years old and is only 4 foot 5 inches tall. Is that normal? My wife is 5 foot and I (his dad) am 5 foot 8 inches tall.

Child Development (Ages 5-12)
Information about the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of elementary age children.

Brain Development - Frequently Asked Questions
Information about general brain development, plus a frequently asked question list about prenatal and postnatal development.

Bright Futures
Information about your childs growth and development during infancy, early and middle childhood, and adolescence. Includes developmental milestones and what to expect at each well child visit with your Pediatrician.

CDC Growth Charts
The new growth charts from the Center for Disease Control so that you can plot and track your children's growth.

Child Development Basics
Learn the basics of child development, including stages of development for infants, toddlers, preschool age children and adolescents, plus information on physical and language development.

Child Development
National Network for Child Care resources and information about child development. With topics for each stage of your childs growth, plus emotional, social, language, intellectual and brain development and ideas to promote to help your child reach his full potential.

Growth and Development
Information about growing up, communication, growth, learning and play, movement, senses and sleep at different ages as your child grows up.

Human Growth Foundation
Information about growth related disorders, what to expect from growth hormone treatment, support lists, patterns of normal growth, growth hormone deficiency and a chat room to talk with other parents of children with growth problems.

Information about puberty, sex, sexually transmitted diseases and a frequently asked question list to help educate your growing adolescents.

Your Child's Growth: Developmental Milestones
A review of some of the developmental milestones your child should reach by twelve months of age from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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