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Fast Food Nutrition Facts

Learn more about fast food so that you can make more healthy choices at fast food restaurants, like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc.
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Avoiding the Kids' Menu
As hard a time as some parents have getting their kids to eat healthy at home, it can seem almost impossible when you take them out to eat, especially if they usually choose foods from the kids' menu. Learn how to help your kids eat healthy when eating out at restaurants.

Fast Food Nutrition Facts Calculator
Choose a restaurant(s) to compare the nutrition facts of the meals you and your kids eat to figure out the amount of fat and calories you are getting from fast food.

Fast Food Best Choices
Get help making 'best choices' which are more healthy than other items you might otherwise choose at popular fast food restaurants.

Healthy Fast Food for Kids
Tips for parents to help their kids eat healthy at fast food restaurants, like McDonald's and Burger King.

Fast Food Facts for Children with Diabetes
Nutrition and exchange information for several fast-food chains to help children with diabetes plan their meals.

Burger King Nutrition Information
View nutritional tables and information about ingredients and sandwich content of meals at Burger King.

Chick-fil-A Nutritional Information
Review this nutritional information to learn about the nutritional quality of the foods you eat at Chick-fil-A.

McDonald's Food & Nutrition Facts
Get detailed information about menu items at McDonald's, including ingredients, food exchanges, food allergen and sensitivity information and gluten free items. You can also learn about the nutritional value of Happy Meals.

Taco Bell Nutritional Information
Find out the nutrition details, including fat and calories, of your meals at Taco Bell.

KFC Nutritional Guides
Nutrition information, a diabetic food exhange, and a guide to healthier options at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Pizza Hut Nutrition
Nutrition details for pizza and other meals at Pizza Hut.

Wendy's Nutrition Information
Detailed nutrition and ingredient information for meals at Wendy's.

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