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Exercise and Fitness for Kids

Which exercise is best for your child? Whichever one he or she will stay interested in, from golf to cheerleading. Help prevent obesity and keep your kids fit and healthy with these exercise and fitness tips.
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Exercise for Kids - Physical Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers
While many parents know that there are physical activity recommendations for school-age kids, many are surprised that there are also exercise guidelines for younger kids, even toddlers and preschoolers. Are your kids getting enough exercise each day?

Exercise and Fitness for Kids
Most people recognize that kids should be more physically active and need to exercise regularly to be physically fit. Learn just how much should kids be exercising each day and how to encourage them to be more active.

Recommendations for Kids' Physical Activity
Review the latest recommendations for kids' physical activity and how to help get your kids active to help reduce their risk for childhood obesity, build strong bones and muscles.

Youth Sports - Getting Started in Youth Sports
Getting kids active in youth sports is a great way to help them meet their daily physical activity requirements. Learn tips for getting started in youth sports, avoiding sports that are too competitive, and finding a team sport or individual sport that is a good fit for your child.

The Importance of Free Play
If you are simply running from lesson to lesson and your kids are overscheduled with activities, consider cutting back a little and adding in some free play.

Return to Play - Concussion Guidelines
Following proper return to play guidelines after a concussion can help avoid complications of concussions, such as second-impact syndrome.

Youth Sports
In addition to more physically active, unorganized free play, getting involved in youth sports, such as soccer, baseball, gymnastics, and football, etc., can be an especially good way to encourage kids to be active.

Sports Injury
Review how to prevent sports injuries when your kids play sports, including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, etc.

Protein Shakes for Kids
Review why protein supplements are not a good idea for kids, even those who are active in sports.

Youth Sports Restrictions
Although we encourage most kids to be active and play sports as part of a healthy lifestyle and to avoid childhood obesity, there are some sports that children with certain medical conditions should avoid. These medical conditions include children who have atlantoaxial instability (down syndrome), bleeding disorders, hypertension, congenital heart disease, enlarged spleen, and diabetes, etc.

Kids and Weightlifting
Can kids lift weights? My 11 year old son, who is very athletic, wants to begin lifting some free weights to help get more fit.

Pitching and Pitching Machines
Learn about pitch counts and how to keep your younger child safe while pitching as a little league baseball player so that he doesn't suffer from arm pain and elbow injuries at a young age.

Running for Kids and Teens
Thinking about running track or cross-country? Are your kids getting into running? Learn what you need to make a go of it with these articles.

Learn to Play Baseball
Help your kids learn to play youth baseball with step-by-step pictorial lessons and one-sheet how-tos that provide easy introductions for beginners (and maybe a few refreshers for advanced players).

Finding the Right Tennis Lessons for Kids
Which type of tennis lesson will my kid enjoy most? In which will he/she learn fastest? Are private lessons better than group lessons?

Get Your Teen to Exercise
A simple how to on getting your teen to excercise.

Just Starting Out with Skateboarding
When first starting out skating, here's some things to do.

Kids, Walking, and Pedometers
Pedometers have become healthy with adults and they can be a fun way to get your child to walk more. How many steps per day do children need to maintain a healthy body?

Children's Martial Arts
These resources are all about kids in the martial arts. Find help for parents looking to enroll their children, and fun content for kids already training.

Teenagers and Exercise
What kinds of exercises should teenagers do to stay active? From your Exercise Guide at About.com

Children's Martial Arts
These resources are all about kids in the martial arts. Find help for parents looking to enroll their children, and fun content for kids already training.

Fitness and Exercise Guide for Children
Fitness and exercise guide for children with info on warming up, exercising, and strength training and getting physically fit and healthy.

AAP Sports Medicine and Fitness Articles
Originally developed by the AAP Ohio Chapter Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness, each issue of Sports Shorts examines a single sports related condition, including injuries and performance enhancing substances.

Children & Exercise
Review these articles on Children and Exercise from the American Heart Association.

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