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Discipline Guide for your Kids

A guide to effectively disciplining your child.
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Baby Discipline
While it is never too soon to start thinking about how you will discipline your child, you might even consider what discipline strategies you will use now, before you need them.

Spoiled Brat Screening Quiz
A screening quiz to see if you or someone you know is raising a spoiled brat.

A Behavior Makeover for Back Talk
Get a behavior makeover for your child's back talk and stop the sass and fresh lip.

Behavior Analysis Basics
Information on how to perform an analysis of troubling behavior and change the environment to change the child.

How To's on Disciplining Children
Simple strategies for better family communication and child discipline.

Tips for Teaching Child Manners
Children today are generally less respectful and demonstrate less good manners than children of previous generations. Teaching a child manners is important so that kids learn respect and tolerance in a diverse world, while at the same time able to succeed socially in any situation. Here are tips for getting started.

Child Discipline Series
Disciplining Children: Series of articles, how to's, and resources from your About Guide to Parenting of K-6 Children.

Disciplining Your Toddler
Managing the behavior of your toddler can certainly be a challenge at times. Learn how to remain calm and choose the best discipline strategies while helping your toddler develop autonomy and independence.

Discipline Guide
Discipline Guide for children to help you learn how to effectively discipline your kids and know what to do when they misbehave.

Disciplining Your Child
Information about disciplining your children at different stages of their life and a word about spanking.

Disciplining Your Child
AAP parents guide to disciplining your child, including strategies that work, such as using natural consequences, logical consequences, withholding privileges, and time-out.

Making Discipline Work
American Academy of Pediatrics tips for making discipline work.

Taming Temper Tantrums
Learn how to handle and prevent tantrums, including pausing before you act and remaining calm.

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