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Computers and Technology

Information for Pediatricians who are interested in embracing new techologies, including handheld computers and electronic medical records.
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AAP Section on Computers and other Technologies
The American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Computers and other Technologies, with membership information and links to local chapters.

Creators of qRx, a comprehensive and free drug database for Palm PDAs.

pdaMD.com - a comprehensive medical PDA resource
News, reviews, columns, tutorials and software for physicians that use a personal digital assistant (PDA), including those based on the Palm OS (Palm, Visor, Sony) and Windows CE.

Survey of Pediatricians Use of Computers
AAP survery of fellows about their use of computers in their practices, including use of software applications, electronic interactions and patient education. Are Pediatricians really 'behind the curve in computer understanding'?

The Pediatric Pilot Page
Resources for Pediatricians and other health care profesionals that use a Palm PDA, with medical databases, including an immunization schedule, drug formularies, anemia and hematology guide and medical equations calculator.

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