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Bullying is common among school age children. Learn to recognize the signs that your child is a bully or a victim of bullies.

Bullying and Bullies
Bullying is serious. Children who are bullied often develop low self-esteem and can develop problems at school and symptoms of anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Learn to recognize signs of bullying, review bullying statistics, and learn ways of dealing with a bully.

Bully Screening Quiz
A screening quiz to see if your child has any signs that he is a bully.

Is Your Child Being Bullied Screening Quiz
A screening quiz to see if your child has any signs that he is being bullied.

Bullying, either physical or verbal, and ranging from mild teasing to pushing and hitting, affects many children. Learn the signs that victims of bullies may have and what to do.

Bullies: A Serious Problem for Kids
What you can do about bullying behaviors.

Fact sheet about bullying from The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Bully B'ware
A program that will help you to take action against bullying and create an anti-bullying policy to create a safe school.

Bullying and Your Child
Help for parents trying to deal with bullying, including how to help your child to stand up to a bully and helping your child stop bullying.

Bullying Prevention Week
What parents, schools and communities can do to stop bullying.

Dealing With Bullies
Information about bullying behaviors, the victims of bullying, and how to prevent bullying.

Stop Bullying Now
A project to help identify bullying and interventions to stop bullying.

The ABCs of School Bullying
Get tips on how to handle a bully and learn five ways to prevent bullying.

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