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The end of summer means going back to school, or starting school for the first time, for many children. Thinking of important issues, such as immunizations and your child's medical problems, and talking about bullying, violence, drug abuse, and safety, can make this transition easier.
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Medical Forms - School Health Forms
For some kids, going to school means getting extra medical forms filled out by their parents and pediatrician, including school health forms for kids with asthma, ADHD, food allergies, seizures, etc., or just for kids playing sports and going away to camp.

School Performance Problems
Sorting out the cause of a child's school problems can be difficult, but the earlier you get started looking into the cause of your child's school problems and getting him help, the more likely he is to be successful.

ADHD and Going Back to School
Was your child off of her ADHD medications during the summer break? Get some tips on helping your child with ADHD go back to school.

School Immunization Requirements
Make sure your child's vaccines are up-to-date before school starts so that you don't have to rush into your Pediatrician's office right before classes begin.

Backpacks and Back Pain
Is carrying heavy back pack to school causing health problems for your kids? It might if they are carrying more than 10-20% of their body weight in their backpack.

Going Back To School
A summary of common back to school issues.

Afterschool Safety
Before you leave your child at home alone, you should make sure that he feels safe and comfortable and can handle the responsibility.

Going to College
College bound children, in addition to the routine immunization requirements, may also need a meningitis shot. Other topics you should discuss in include binge drinking, sex education, safe sex, stds, abstinence, date rape, the morning after pill and appropriate use of credit cards.

Back to School for Homeschoolers
Children who are home schooled are sometimes at a disadvantage when it comes to support of their health care. Among the services that children in public school often receive are regular vision and hearing tests, scoliosis screening tests and if they are in athletics, sports' physical exams.

School Soda and Drink Guidelines
Learn more about the new school soda and drink guidelines that are supposed to help fight child obesity.

Medical Problems at School
Sending your child to a new school is usually scary for any parent, but it can be even more frightening if your child has a chronic medical problem, such as food allergies, asthma, seizures, etc. Learn to prepare your child with chronic medical problems for school.

School Transportation Safety
How will your child get to school? Will he take the bus, walk, ride his bike, drive, or will you or a friend drive him? Each of these modes of transportation have their own safety risks that should be reviewed.

Sport's Physical Exams
Question of the Week. My teen needs a sport's physical before he can play football this fall. Should I go to his Pediatrician or is it just as good to let them do the team physical at school?

Coping with a Tragedy
Whether it is a school shooting, natural disaster, such as an earthquake, flood or hurricane, or a terrorist bombing, special attention must be paid to our children to help them cope and understand what has happened.

Back to School for Foster Children
How do you enroll a student into school? While every school is different the same information is needed. Are there other things to consider in getting ready to start a new school? Here is a checklist of things to prepare for enrolling your new foster child in school.

Back to School
This series of 'Back to School' articles will help parents and kids ease back into the school year. Get tips on avoiding back to school stress, safety, getting ready for kindergarten, and getting back into a good sleep routine.

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