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Celebrity Baby Names Quiz - Baby Shower Game

A Fun Baby Shower Game


Updated November 25, 2004

Looking for something fun to do at your next baby shower?

Celebrity baby name matching games and quizzes are always popular and fun. You can have your guests take the quiz online, or print out the quiz for all to use.

1) Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman used the following names...
a) Isabella Jane
b) Connor Anthony
c) Anthony
d) both a and b

2) Johnny Depp has a daughter named...
a) Lily-Rose
b) Lily
c) Rose
d) Rose-Lily

3) Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have
a) a son named Kirk
b) a daughter named Alex
c) a son named Dylan Michael
d) a daughter named Katy

4) Which celebrity has a daughter named Haile Jade?
a) Eminem
b) Robert De Niro
c) Tori Amos
d) Kate Winslet

5) Which of the following are real names of Frank Zappa's children?
a) Dweezil
b) Sun Unit
c) Diva
d) both a and c

6) Who has a daughter named Giovanna?
a) John Travolta
b) Sylvester Stallone
c) Isabella Rossellini
d) Vanna White

7) JK Rowling (of Harry Potter fame) has...
a) a son named Harry
b) a daughter named Hermione
c) a daughter named Jessica
d) no children of her own

8) Sean Penn and Robin Wright have...
a) a son named Spicoli
b) a daughter named Madonna
c) a son named Hoopper
d) a son named Hopper

9) Michael Jackson has kids named...
a) Prince Michael
b) Paris Jermaine
c) Blanket
d) all of the above

10) Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have kids named...
a) Gracie
b) Shania
c) Wyatt
d) Audrey

11) Bruce Willis & Demi Moore have kids named...
a) Rumer Glenn
b) Tallulah Belle
c) Ashton
d) both a and b

12) Declyn is the son of...
a) Calista Flockhart
b) Cyndi Lauper
c) Martin Sheen
d) Nick Nolte

13) John Travolta has a son named...
a) Vinnie
b) Jett
c) Michael
d) Tony

14) Ozzy Osbourne has kids named...
a) Jack
b) Kelly
c) Jessica Starshine
d) all of the above

15) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have...
a) a son named Christopher Sargent
b) a daughter named Sarah Connor
c) a son named Jack
d) all of the above

16) Which of the following is the name of Angelina Jolie's adopted son?
a) Jon
b) Billy Bob
c) Maddox
d) Matrix

17) Which celebrity has a son named Deacon and a daughter named Ava Elizabeth?
a) Reese Witherspoon
b) Charlize Theron
c) Elizabeth Hurley
d) Tea Leoni

18) Liv is the daughter of...
a) Gene Simmons
b) Vanilla Ice
c) Eddie Van Halen
d) Steven Tyler

19) Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson have a son named...
a) Hooper
b) Quinton
c) Bandit
d) Gene

20) Which of the following is not one of Luciano Pavarotti's children?
a) Isabella
b) Lorenza
c) Cristina
d) Giuliana

The answers are posted on the next page...

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