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Pediatrics - By Category

Ages and Stages
The Ages & Stages series of articles are designed to provide you with age appropriate information to help you take care of your child. Topics include nutrition, growth and development, safety, common problems and what to expect from your scheduled visits to your Pediatrician.

Expert Q&A
Expert questions and answers about common pediatric parenting and medical problems and conditions.

Parenting Advice
Information and advice on dealing with common parenting issues and problems, including nutrition, growth, development, sibling rivalry, potty training, getting your child to sleep all night, and managing behavior problems and temper tantrums.

Child Health and Pediatric Medical Advice
Get expert medical advice from a Pediatrician about treating common conditions and infections. Plus get information about immunizations, medications and your child's mental health.

Ask a Pediatrician a Question Online
Pediatricians, and other health care professionals, who are available online to ask questions about your childrens health and development.

Find a Doctor for your Child
Resources to help you find a board certified Pediatrician, Pediatric subspecialist and other health professionals.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Resources and information for parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Child Abuse
Child abuse affects many children of all ages. Learn to recognize the signs of child abuse and what to do if you suspect that a child is being physically, emotionally or sexually abused.

Childhood Obesity and Overweight Kids
Obesity in kids has reached epidemic levels. Experts estimate that 15% of kids are overweight and another 15% are at risk of becoming overweight. And two thirds of these overweight kids will become overweight adults. Learn to prevent obesity and help your kids stay at a more healthy weight.

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Children's Growth Charts
Full color and printer friendly growth charts to plot the growth of your infant, toddler, or older child. Includes graphs for height, weight and body mass index.

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Parenting Quizzes and Polls
Take our quizzes and polls of common pediatric parenting problems and information to see if you know as much as you should or think you do about taking care of your kids.

Useful Tools and Online Calculators
Useful pediatric tools, including polls, growth charts, body mass index calculators, height predictors and other resources to help you care for your kids.

Recalls and Safety Alerts
Learn about recalled products, including toys, car seats, electronics, furniture, infant and child products, outdoor products and sports and exercise equipment.

Resources for Pediatricians
Review these resources for pediatricians, including information on conferences and CME, pediatric news and online journals, professional associations and technology.

Springtime Safety and Health Issues
Keep your kids safe and healthy this spring season by learning about sun safety, spring allergies, water safety, and avoiding insect bites.


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