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Medical School Admissions 101 - Graduate School - About.com
Your first stop in applying to medical school with info about the application, recommendation letters, MCAT, interview, and more.
Types of Medical School Admissions Interviews - Graduate School
If you are the recipient of a coveted email inviting you to interview for medical school admission, start preparing now. There's a great deal of general advice on  ...
What You Need to Know About Medical School - Graduate School
Many college students wonder whether they should apply to medical school. If you're considering a career in medicine, start preparing now. If you aren't sure if ...
What is Medical School Really Like? - Graduate School - About.com
The first year of medical school is focused only on classes and labs. Expect to learn lots of basic science, anatomy, and physiology. Expect labs and dissection.
Is Medical School for You? - Graduate School - About.com
Should you apply to medical school? Is a career as a doctor for you?
Medical School Interview Advice to Help You Succeed
Your interview is critical to your success as an applicant to med school. Follow these tips.
Medical School Interview: Top 6 Med School Interview Prep Tips
Prepare for your medical school interview by taking the time to get to know the medical school and yourself with these 6 tips for acing the med school interview.
Three Common Reasons for Medical School Rejection
Increase your odds of admission to medical school by keeping these common reasons for rejection in mind.
What are Letters of Evaluation for the AMCAS Medical School ...
Definition: All applications for post-graduate study require recommendation letters that evaluate the applicant. Usually referred to as a letter of recommendation, ...
Frequently Asked Questions about Medical School - Graduate School
Think you want to become a doctor? It's a long haul with many challenges. The first challenge, of course, is getting into medical school. Is medical school for you  ...
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