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Stranger Danger Quiz Stranger Details

Do your kids know how to recognize a stranger?

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  • Child Abduction and Missing Kids - Information on finding missing kids, keeping your kids from getting lost or taken, and nationwide Amber Alert plans.

  • Finding a Lost Child - Review what you should do when you first discover that your child is lost or missing, including checking high danger areas, such as a pool, backyard pond, and car trunks.

  • How Safe is Safe? - Can your child be too safe? Remember that the more chances you take, such as by not using a car seat, having a gun that is loaded and unlocked in the house, or not having a smoke detector, the more likely your child is to be injured or killed by an accident.

  • Safety Tips To Avoid Abduction Dangers - Not a week goes by when there is not a news report or alert concerning an abducted or missing child. What can parents do to help ensure their child is safe?

  • Missing Kids/Adults - Current listings and photos of children and adults who are reported missing, including in-depth coverage of high-profile cases.

  • Protecting Your Children From Sexual Abuse - With recent revelations about child sexual abuse among some clergy and some notable celebrities, many fathers are seeking ways of protecting their children. Find answers to your questions about teaching your children how to be safe from sexual abuse.

  • Internet Safety 101 - Your one stop resource to learn about Internet safety. There is more to it than keeping the computer in a central location.

  • Keeping Your Child Safe - Information to help you keep your home and environment safe and how to begin teaching your child important safety skills that will last a lifetime.

  • A Conversation with a Fifth Grader - This conversation with a fifth grader about safety brings home the points that parents must teach their children so they know how to be safe and protect themselves.

  • Stranger Awareness - Stranger Awareness is important to protect your children from being abducted. Do your kids know what a stranger is? Do they know what to do if approached by a stranger?

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