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Checklist of Recalled Children's Products

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Updated January 20, 2013

Toy and Child Product Recall Round-Up: November 25, 2003

This is a selected list of recalled toys and children's products:

  • "Spit Smatter" Spray Foam (1,300,000) distributed by JAKKS Pacific Inc. The aerosol cans can forcefully break apart, posing a risk of serious injury. JAKKS has received four reports of the aerosol cans breaking apart, including one incident that resulted in a laceration injury to a consumer and several incidents involving property damage. Call JAKKS Pacific at (800) 554-5516 or go to www.jakkspacific.com to get instructions on disposal and how to receive a refund.

  • Magic Start Crawl 'n Stand (300,000) distributed by Playskool. The toy, which is designed to encourage crawling babies to pull themselves up and stand, can tip over during use and strike falling babies in the head, face or neck, resulting in injuries. Playskool has received 44 reports of the toys tipping over during use. There have been 26 reports of babies suffering injuries, including one minor concussion, and various bumps, bruises, black eyes and cut lips. Call Playskool at (800) 509-9554 anytime to get information on how to return the product to receive a free replacement item of similar value.

  • "Pack 'n Play" portable play yards with raised changing tables (538,000) distributed by Graco Children's Products. When children are placed in these portable play yards when the changing table is still in place, they can crawl under and lift the table up. If this occurs, a child's head and neck can become trapped between the changing table and the play yard rail, causing a strangulation hazard. A 13-month-old girl strangled when her neck became trapped between the Pack 'n Play rail and the raised changing table. Consumers should never place a child in these portable play yards when the changing table is still in place. Contact Graco to receive a free warning label to be affixed to the changing table. Call (800) 233-1546 or go to www.gracobaby.com.

  • Playpens that can collapse (five brands totaling more than 1,500,000 units) and entrap a child in the V-shape folded top rails. The top rails must be turned to set up the playpen. CPSC is aware of 15 deaths to children when the top rails of playpens collapsed. A new industry standard requires that the top rails of these playpens automatically lock into place when the playpen is fully set up. CPSC obtained voluntary recalls of the following playpens with top rails that people had to turn into place when setting up the playpen: Evenflo "Happy Camper," "Happy Cabana," and "Kiddie Camper;" Century "Fold-N-Go" Models 10-710 and 10-810; Baby Trend "Home and Roam" and "Baby Express;" and Kolcraft "Playskool Travel-Lite Model." CPSC also issued a safety warning about "All Our Kids" Models 742 and 762 playpens imported by a firm that is out of business.

  • Multicolored Sidewalk Chalk (26,000 packages) imported by Target Corporation. The multicolored sidewalk chalk contains high levels of lead, posing a risk of poisoning to young children. The sidewalk chalk was sold at Target stores from March 2003 to July 2003 for about $1 per package. Consumers should return the multicolored sidewalk chalk to Target stores for a refund. Call Target Corporation at (800) 440-0680 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday or go to the company's Web site at www.target.com.

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