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Parenting Style Quiz
What kind of parent are you?

Take our parenting style quiz to see what kind of parent you are.

Your son hits another child at soccer practice. You would...
get mad and tell the other boy to hit him back
ignore them and just let them fight or play
tell him that it is not right to hit people, make him apologize, and take away a privilige if this is a repeat offense

Your son and his friends have made a big mess in your playroom and now want to go play outside. You would...
yell at them and make them clean up
let them go out and clean up yourself
help them clean up by making a game out of who can pick up the most toys

If your pre-teen daughter wants to rent an R rated movie that her friends have all watched, you would...
get angry and tell her she can't rent any movies
let her watch it
say no and help her find a more age appropriate movie

Your daughter is putting off going to bed because she says that she wants something to eat, and you...
get mad and make her go to bed hungry
let her eat whatever she wants
let her have a nutritious snack, but tell her that she will have to start eating more at dinner so that she isn't hungry at bedtime

When your kids don't do their chores you...
get mad, yell and make them do them right away
do them yourself
give them a helpful reminder that they need to be responsible and do their chores

When your kids whine and have tantrums you...
get mad and send them to their rooms
give in to stop the whining
don't give in and afterwards explain better ways that they can express their frustrations

If your kids get in trouble, you...
get mad and yell or spank them
don't do much of anything
discipline them and later explain better choices they could have made so they don't get in trouble again

Your son wants a new toy at the grocery store, so you...
get mad and tell him he can't have any new toys
buy it so that he doesn't have a tantrum
tell him no, but explain that you will bring him back to buy it when he saves enough of his allowance

If your preschool age daughter has a nightmare and wakes you up, you would...
get mad at her for waking you up and tell her to go back to bed
let her go back to sleep wherever she wants
comfort her and help her go back to sleep once she calms down

The main goal of parenting and discipline is to...
get your kids to listen to you no matter what
make sure everyone is happy and doing whatever they want
teach your children why your rules are important and help them learn to make good choices on their own

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