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Becoming A Pediatrician

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Updated April 30, 2013

Information on becoming a Pediatrician, including career opportunities, salaries, medical school requirements, and what it takes to become a doctor specializing in Pediatrics.

Interviews with a Pediatrician
A series of student interviews with a Pediatrician with a discussion of a Pediatrician's typical day, tasks performed, responsibilities, characteristics and traits of Pediatricians, employment outlook, schooling requirements, what a doctor does and lots of extras.

PreMed Resources
If you want to be a Pediatrician, first you have to go to medical school... This list of general premed resources should help you make a decision, with information on medical school requirements and careers in medicine

Becoming an MD
How do you become a physician? From the American Medical Association, information about undergraduate educations, medical school, residency programs and fellowships, for students interested in becoming a doctor.

Careers in Medicine
Help for students trying to make a decision about a career in medicine, including if you are the right kind of person for a medical career, what medical school is really like, choosing a good college for premed courses, and how long it takes to become a doctor.

Careers in Pediatrics
Information about a career in Pediatrics for medical students, with training, residency, workforce and salary information.

Pediatric Career Information
Pediatrics 101 from the American Academy of Pediatrics with information on general pediatrics, educations and training, subspecialities, practice options, income, personal and professional satisfaction, and special attributes of Pediatrics.

Pediatric Medical Student Education Overview
An overview of Pediatric education at one medical school (Dartmouth Medical School) and what you will do in each of your four years of medical school.

The Journey to Become a Pediatrician
Information on becoming a Pediatrician that will be helpful for students doing a report or considering a career in Pediatrics.

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