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Your Eighteen Month Old - What You Need To Know

Toddler Growth and Development


Updated May 28, 2014

Toddler Growth and Development

At this age you can expect your child to walk backwards, walk up steps with his hand held, kick a ball, say 10 to 25 words, name 3 body parts, turn pages of a book and stack two blocks together. Over the next few months your child will learn new words, start to throw a ball overhand, and use two word combinations.

He may begin to play with other children, but it will be 'parallel play.' Children at this age are very self-centered and may play alongside each other, but it will be some time before they actually start playing together. Your child will probably not want to share his things and he may be very possessive. It is important to closely supervise children that are playing together at this age and reassure them that the other child will not keep his toys. Keep a few of his favorite items separate and not available for sharing so that he feels he has some control over things.

This is also a time that your child will begin to explore and try and figure out how things work and will enjoy playtime. It is important to give lots of praise and many opportunities for exploration. If using a pacifier, it is a good time to start restricting its use (or give it up all together) to only when your baby is in his crib, so that his interest in it will decrease.

Most toddlers take at least one naps (length of naps are usually very variable between different children, but naps are usually 1-1 1/2 hours long) during the day at this age and are able to sleep all night (for 11-12 hours). If not, check to make sure that your toddler has a good bedtime routine and has developed the proper sleep associations.

Once your child is able to climb out of his crib (and you have already lowered the mattress and removed the bumper pads), it is time to move him into a toddler bed. If your child is three feet tall, you may want to move him to a toddler bed even if he isn't climbing out of his crib yet. The usual age for moving out of a crib is about eighteen months to two years.

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