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Saturday Safety Roundup

By January 5, 2013

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In this week's Saturday Safety Roundup, stories of:

  • a 16-year-old in Houston, Texas who was shot in the groin while hunting after his father had mistaken him for a deer.
  • a 9-year-old near Grapeland, Texas who was shot in his arm while hunting with a friend.
  • a 13-year-old in Las Yescas, Texas who unintentionally shot and killed an 18-year-old family member while they were hunting.
  • a 10-year-old in Elkton, Maryland who died after she was hit in the head by a bullet that was likely shot as a part of "celebratory gunfire" just after midnight on New Year's Day.
  • a 15-year-old in Flint, Michigan who was unintentionally shot and killed by his 16-year-old friend as the two were playing with a gun.
  • an 18-month-old in Bessemer City, North Carolina who was unintentionally shot in the arm.
  • a 13-year-old in Alvin, Texas who died after he unintentionally shot himself in the head while playing with a gun.
  • a 14-year-old in Minor, Alabama who unintentionally shot a 19-year-old man in the face with a gun that they had been playing with.
  • a 16-year-old in Dellwood, Missouri who was unintentionally shot in the arm and has a bullet lodged in his chest while he and another teen were playing with a gun.
  • an 8-year-old in Bennettsvile, South Carolina who died after he was unintentionally shot in the stomach at his father's house.
  • a 4-year-old in Ottawa, Kansas who was unintentionally shot in the leg.
  • a 10-year-old in Fresno, California who died after being shot with a pellet gun.
  • a 9-year-old in Lafayette, Tennessee who is in critical condition after she was unintentionally shot in the head by another child as they played with a new bow and arrow that they had received as a Christmas present.
  • an 8-year-old in Tum Tum, Washington who suffered serious injuries to his skull after he was attacked by four pit bulls.
  • a 16-year-old in Paterson, New Jersey who is in critical condition after falling out of the back of a school bus after opening the rear emergency hatch while the bus was still moving.
  • a 6-month-old in Wise County, Texas who was killed when the minivan she was riding in rolled several times. The infant had not been properly restrained in a child safety seat.
  • a 17-year-old in Providence, Rhode Island who died while sledding in an area park.
  • an 11-year-old in Las Vegas, Nevada who died while sledding in the mountains outside of Las Vegas.
  • a 16-year-old from Washington Township, Pennsylvania who died in a sledding accident.
  • an 8-year-old from Houston who died in a sledding accident in Angel Fire, New Mexico.
  • an 18-year-old in Randolph County, Indiana who died after being trampled by a bull during a bull riding competition.

Keep your kids safe. Not all, but many of these types of accidents can be prevented.

Many of the accidents and tragedies are ones that we see week after week, especially drownings, fallsATV accidents, accidental shootings, and even lawn mower accidents.

Spread the word about child safety to help save lives and reduce these types of accidents and tragedies.

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