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Vincent Iannelli, M.D.

Hidden Holiday Hazards

By December 21, 2012

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All of the usual things we do to keep our kids safe sometimes aren't enough when we get out of our routine, like during the holiday season.

Visitors may forget to close gates, leave sharp items or breakables in your child's reach, and most importantly, forget to shut doors.

And if you have a lot of visitors, like at a holiday party, it can be easy to think that the kids are safe, since there are so many adults around. However, instead of making your kids safer, having a lot of extra people around may actually put your kids more at risk unless you have a designated person watching the kids.

From the risk of fire from a dried-out, live Christmas tree and outdoor electric decorations to hazards when traveling, be sure to remember to keep your kids safe from hidden holiday hazards.

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