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Vincent Iannelli, M.D.

Raw Milk Pulled from Pennsylvania Stores

By December 16, 2012

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Although no one is using official terms like "recall" or "salmonellosis," Kimberton Whole Foods has removed raw milk products that were packaged by Kimberton Farms Dairy from two of its stores in Pennsylvania. This follows a press release from the Chester County Health Department stating that they have recorded "an increase of severe gastroenteric symptoms among persons who drank raw milk" from the dairy.

The Kimberton Farms Dairy, which is also known as the Camphill Village Kimberton Hills Dairy, is reportedly having its milk tested for salmonella. The Chester County Health Department strongly suggests that 'anyone with raw milk bearing the labels mentioned above discard the remaining product.' Dutch Meadows Dairy in Paradise, Pennsylvania also pulled its raw milk from store shelves a few weeks ago, as their milk was also being tested for salmonella contamination.

Although testing from the two dairies is negative so far, it is important to remember that testing was initially negative in the last big outbreak in Pennsylvania, when at least 80 people got sick from drinking raw milk from Your Family Cow dairy in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Bacteria was eventually found in two unopened bottles of raw milk in raw milk in customer's homes, and it was only then that the owner of the dairy finally acknowledged that his milk had made the people sick.

Still, if it isn't the raw milk, then something else is causing people in Chester County to have salmonella symptoms. Keep in mind that other sources of salmonella bacteria can include other types of food that can be contaminated with salmonella, contact with pet turtles and other reptiles (iguanas, other lizards, snakes, etc.), amphibians (frogs, toads, newts and salamanders, etc.), and contact with contaminated animals, like at a farm or petting zoo.

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