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Vincent Iannelli, M.D.

Saturday Safety Roundup

By October 20, 2012

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In this week's Saturday safety roundup, review stories of:

  • a 7-year-old in Napa County, California who died of severe head trauma when the horse she was riding reared and fell.
  • a 3-year-old in Albany, New York who died of smoke inhalation with burns on 70% of her body in a fire that started when the girl lit a stick of incense in the flames of a gas burner on their kitchen stove and then unintentionally set their couch on fire.
  • a 8-year-old who was strangling on the Verrazano Bridge in New York when he likely wrapped his seat belt around his neck at least eight times in his disabled car, when it likely retraced. Two nearby police officers saved his life by cutting the belt and freeing the boy.
  • a 15-year-old in Tuscumbia, Alabama who is in critical condition after he was shot in the head as he and his friends decided to prank another group of friends by pretending they were breaking into their home.
  • a 16-year-old in Chaska, Minnesota who is in critical condition after he was shot in the head with an arrow by a friend while he was riding his bike.
  • a 10-year-old in Boise, Idaho who is in critical condition after she was shot in the groin during a family hunting trip.
  • a 10-year-old in Altura, Minnesota who shot his father in the shoulder during a hunting trip.
  • a 4-year-old in Pataskala, Ohio who suffered "catastrophic injuries" to his legs, including having his foot amputated, when he wandered over to his neighbor's yard, where the neighbor unintentionally back over him with a riding lawnmower.
  • a 2-year-old in Owenton, Kentucky who died in a house fire.
  • a 4-year-old in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who died in an apartment fire.
  • a 2-year-old in Starke, Florida who died after falling through a hole in the broken cement top of a septic tank and drowning.
  • an 11-year-old in Lancaster, Ohio who died after falling 30 to 40 feet from Mount Pleasant.
  • a 5-year-old in Phoenix, Arizona who died after a large, tube television fell off a small stand on top of him.
  • a 21-month-old in Phoenix, Arizona who likely choked while playing with a garden hose with two preschool age children.
  • 14-month-old twins in St. Petersburg, Florida who are in critical condition after nearly drowning in a backyard swimming, likely getting out of the house through a partially open sliding glass door.
  • a 15-month-old in Fort Smith, Arkansas who drowned in a five-gallon bucket, where she was apparently trying to retrieve two small toys that were inside, and instead, tipped herself into the bucket while visiting relatives.
  • a 4-year-old in Park City, Utah who drowned during a reunion at the Montage Deer Valley Resort and slipping out of his flotation wings while swimming with relatives.
  • a 4-year-old in Sugarloaf, Florida who drowned in a canal near his home.
  • a 16-year-old who drowned at the Crowne Plaza Hotel pool in Henrico, Virginia.
  • a 13-year-old in Williamson, Georgia who died while driving his ATV and crashing into a steel cable.
  • a 14-year-old in Addison, New York who died while driving his ATV. He was ejected from the ATV as it rolled over during the accident.
  • a 5-year-old in Rigby, Idaho who died when the ATV she was driving flipped over.
  • an 11-year-old in Cumberland County, North Carolina who died when the ATV he was riding on crashed through a barbed wire fence.
  • a 9-year-old in Hall County, Nebraska who died when he lost control of an ATV he was driving, which ended up on top of him.
  • a toddler in Maricopa, Arizona who was in critical condition after being attacked by two pit bulls that had escaped from a bedroom.

Keep your kids safe. Not all, but many of these types of accidents can be prevented.

Many of the accidents and tragedies are ones that we see week after week, especially drownings,fallsATV accidents, accidental shootings, and even lawn mower accidents.

Spread the word about child safety to help save lives and reduce these types of accidents and tragedies.

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