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Another Raw Milk Warning

By March 19, 2012

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The CDC raw milk report issued last month that found that outbreaks caused by raw milk or unpasteurized milk and products made with raw milk are 150 times greater than outbreaks linked to pasteurized milk must have hit a raw nerve, as critics were quick to attack the study.

A new warning about raw milk from the Kansas Department of Agriculture and Kansas Department of Health and Environment highlights why the CDC study was important to educate people. The warning follows three outbreaks in Kansas since 2007, including a January 2012 outbreak that got at least 18 people sick.

"Consuming raw milk is an unnecessary risk," said Kansas Department of Agriculture Dairy Inspection Program Manager George Blush. "You cannot tell if milk is safe by just looking at, smelling or tasting it. Even milk from the cleanest dairies can pose risk without the pasteurization safeguard."

Remember that there was an even larger outbreak linked to raw milk from a dairy in Pennsylvania this year - at least 80 people got sick with campylobacteriosis in four states. And this was the 7th raw milk outbreak in Pennsylvania since 2007, with at least 287 people getting sick.

In related health news, a women in New Jersey who was 38-weeks pregnant was diagnosed with a Listeria infection after eating a queso fresco product from El Ranchero del Sur, LLC of South River, New Jersey. Queso fresco is a soft cheese that is often made with raw milk.

In addition to the increased risk of getting sick, it is important to remember that raw milk and products that are made with raw milk, are not fortified with vitamin D. So in addition to added risk for getting sick, you are taking away one of the health benefits by substituting raw milk for pasteurized milk.

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March 19, 2012 at 8:05 pm
(1) Gordon S Watson says:

this is a very poor piece of commentary, just scaremongering with half truths. You insult your audience by unthinkingly parroting the Central Party line. Critics were quick to attack the ( so-called ) study because it’s so intellectually dis-honest, that a child trying to fob it off in a junior highschool project, would be failed.
the lingo alone, evidences that it’s a fraud. It uses the word “outbreak” for a report of 2 or more individuals getting sick. So there are more “oubreaks” in toto. Yet the fact is, when there’s an “outbreak” of illness from pasteurized milk, hundreds of thousands get sick in one “outbreak”.
The handiest proof that the CDC is involved in poltiics, rather than true science, is that it somehow forgot about the “outbreak” in California in 2006, where over 150,000 people got sick from poisonous milk. Just an oversight?
All the noise about raw milk is not about “health’, it’s the death rattle of the Dairy industry, as informed consumers find out how bad its product is, and reject it, preferring whole fresh pure raw milk from pasture-fed cows

March 21, 2012 at 7:24 am
(2) Christine Shriam says:

Cheeses made with raw milk must be aged a minimum of 60 days. No queso fresco or fresh cheese in the US should be made with unpasteurized milk unless it is being made/sold illegally. There are fresh cheeses sold as fish bait by some artisans but they will tell you if you are getting raw milk.

Check the label of your favorite queso fresco. Many of them now have pasteurized in the ingredient label because of these types of articles. Listeria is a common bacteria and contamination can occur at other stages of manufacture not just because of un- or under-pasteurized milk.

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