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Vincent Iannelli, M.D.

Pet Turtles and Salmonella

By February 2, 2012

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Much of the media is reporting on an outbreak of Salmonella at a fast food restaurant chain that got 68 people sick in 10 states last month. Fortunately, that Salmonella outbreak is over, although there was never a definitive link to any one specific food and the CDC offered "no specific advice to consumers."

While you hate to think that you could go out to eat and get sick, many people have a source of Salmonella that is much closer to home - pet turtles.

There have been plenty of previous warnings about this, but the CDC is again reporting on an outbreak of Salmonella linked to small pet turtles - 132 cases in 18 states.

Although they can still be found for sale from time to time, it is important to note that sale of these small turtles, with a carapace of less than 4 inches, is illegal. Don't buy one for your kids. There are better pets that don't put your kids at risk of getting sick.

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